DIALux program

Bellow you can download separate EULUM-DAT zip-files of each type of the luminaires:

  LDT Recessed

  LDT Surface and suspended

  LDT Aluminiumprofile

  LDT Continuous line and batten

  LDT Diffuser and wall

  LDT Waterproof and cleanroom

  LDT Explosion-proof

  LDT Anti-vandal

  LDT Emergency





  LDT Outdoor accent

  LDT Park and Street

DIALux helps the lighting technologists and designers to calculate the lighting based on the NORTHCLIFFE LIGHTING luminaires and to get visualization of the project. NORTHCLIFFE LIGHTING project team is always ready to help you on calculations and visualizations.

For more information please contact area sales manager or us by e-mail: