The IK rating is an international code which measures the degree of protection against mechanical wear and tear as well as the amount of impact a specific fixture can take. Essentially it is a measure of a fixtures robustness and durability.

So why is a fixtures IK rating important and when do they become relevant when choosing a fixture?

If you are choosing a fixture which will be fitted within a high traffic area such as street, highway or other commercial environments, then it’s important to choose a fixture with an appropriate IK rating.
If a fixture was to become damaged, it could result in the fixture failing to work efficiently, or worse still, failing completely.

You don’t need a fixture which is highly resistant if there is little or no risk of impact. So, analyzing your risk of impact is the first step in deciding if you need a fixture with a high IK rating. It’s not just high traffic areas which need IK rated fixtures, but if the area is prone to vandalism it’s a good idea too.
For areas of low risk an IK rating of IK07 and below is ideal. IK08 is great for areas which provide a reasonable risk of impact, whereas for maximum protection in places such as parks, schools, prisons and subways IK10 is essential.

IK rating chart

The degree of mechanical protection is identified by a code that consists of the letters IK followed by two digits:

Here you can download the leaflet „DEGREES OF IK PROTECTION“ in English language: