Customer-specific LED light solutions tailored to your requirements

Whether for commercial or industrial lighting - NORTHCLIFFE LIGHTING is your strong partner for product development.

Our development engineers have diverse and wide-ranging industry knowledge and have implemented numerous projects from a diverse spectrum of applications. We also have one of the most comprehensive range of LED luminaires for your application and can produce tailor-made LED lighting solution in our state-of-the-art in-house production in Lithuania.

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To deliver the optimum lighting solution, its requirements have to be properly defined. Our 25 years’ experience in lighting empowers us to transform a summary requirement into a solid base for a high-performance lighting solution.

Refining the lighting requirements could include details related to:

Characteristics of light:

  • luminous flux;
  • luminous efficacy;
  • colour spectrum;
  • colour temperature;
  • colour rendering index;
  • binning;
  • light distribution.

Quality and life expectancy:

  • product lifetime;
  • lumen depreciation;
  • led life expectancy;
  • colour shift;
  • colour stability;
  • operating temperature.

Power and control:

  • power;
  • voltage;
  • smart controls;
  • dimming.

Mechanical and installation:

  • dimensions;
  • plug and play system;
  • quality standards.

With our extensive knowledge and customer feedback we will identify all the relevant requirements and suggest the best solution. Once the requirements are properly refined, we will design the product that best meets them and present our suggestion in a professionally made datasheet and 3D drawing.

The next stage will be sample production and testing of the protype. Upon success, mass production will start.

Choose us as partner for your custom lighting project and you will benefit from the best LED lighting technology has to offer.

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