What do we do?
We develop reliable and sustainable technical lighting solutions, helping to reduce environmental impact.


Who do we aim to be?
A global brand of technical lighting solutions, the first choice for customers, and an attractive place to work.


What values do we follow in our daily work?
Agility. We are dynamic and ready for change, not hesitating to take the initiative in order to create new solutions. By applying innovations, we improve in all areas of our activity.

Professionalism. We work efficiently and quickly while maintaining high quality. We are constantly improving our professional skills.

Cooperation. We help and understand each other, keep our commitments to colleagues whilst pursuing common goals.

Accountability. Everything we promise has to be delivered professionally. Decisions are being taken responsibly while assessing their impact on the company, employees, society, and the environment.

Respect. We create a positive emotional environment within the company. We communicate with colleagues, clients, partners, and other interested parties by fostering mutual tolerance.