What is lighting design?

It is a process that allows you to ensure the optimal level of lighting in each of your work or recreation rooms and helps to determine exactly how many and what kind of luminaires will be needed to meet your expectations. Also, it will make it easier to understand how and in which places they should be installed in order to achieve the most effective result.

Lighting design process:

  1. Individual consultation
  2. Calculation of illumination
  3. Luminaire design, presentation of colour charts and visualizations
  4. Luminaire layout plan with dimensions of luminaire installation
  5. Detailing of required luminaires and their parameters
  6. Analysis of the prepared lighting project

Luminaire design and visualizations

Our lighting designers prepare indoor lighting colour charts, i.e. draw 3D models of the premises, use the LDT files of the luminaires to accurately calculate the lighting values with their help. Thanks to the colour diagrams, it is clear where and what level of illumination will be achieved and how the object's visual illumination will look like.

Why is it important to have a lighting project?

With a detailed lighting project, you will know what type and what power of lights you need and where to install or suspend them specifically. This will allow you to:

  • Reduce costs for lighting installation
  • Optimize and reduce electricity costs
  • Ensure that the level of illumination meets the requirements of valid hygiene standards
  • To achieve the specific lighting level of the room or a certain area

What constitutes a lighting project?

                     1. Lighting report: 

  • A detailed plan of the projected premises with accurate received lighting data, number of lux in the premises, uniformity, if necessary, UGR data;
  • List of selected luminaires, quantity, total power consumption;
  • Colour charts;
  • Visualizations (if detailed preliminary drawings are provided);

                     2. Luminaire layout plan:

Available in DWG and PDF format.

The placement of luminaires in rooms with dimensions, height of installation of luminaires, inclination in degrees to the illuminating surface is indicated.

                    3. Luminaire summary:

The quantity, type and other relevant information of lamps are indicated.

Why should you choose us? 

  • We are a manufacturer of lighting fixtures with many years of experience, and we are strong in standard and non-standard projects
  • We will not only prepare a professional lighting project and lighting analysis, but also offer the most suitable lighting fixtures for your project.
  • Professional consulting on project issues.
  • A wide selection of luminaires and their accessories.
  • You will get everything in one place. This will reduce your costs and save your time.
  • We guarantee the best price-quality ratio!
  • Lighting design service is free of charge.*

*When the lighting project is calculated with the products we offer.