Participation in Exhibitions

Participation in International Exhibitions


UAB "Northcliffe lighting", a leading lighting manufacturer in Lithuania, holding a strong position in the market of the Republic of Lithuanian and producing a wide range of indoor and outdoor lightning, launched the project “Participation in Exhibitions "SLO Autumn Days 2016", "LuxLive London 2016", "SLO WINTER DAY 2017", etc.“ in 2016.


Through the project, the company intends to participate in nine international exhibitions "SLO Autumn Days 2016","LuxLive London 2016","SLO WINTER DAY 2017","ENERGETAB ", "SLO Autumn Days 2017", "Baltik Elektro Fair 2017", "LuxLive London 2017","SLO WINTER DAY 2018", "Light+Building Frankfurt 2018". The aim of the project is to raise the profile and to improve the image of the company at exhibitions and to introduce the range of products manufactured by the company.


The project will be implemented in accordance with the Lithuanian Implementation Measures of Priority 3 of the EU Investment Fund Action Program 2014-2020 “Small and Medium-sized Business Promotion” “New Possibilities LT” (03.2.1-LVPA-K-801-02-0279).


The maximum amount of EUR 45000 for the implementation of the project was allocated through the European Regional Development Fund. This amount will cover 50 per cent of project costs and will significantly contribute to the possibilities of the company to reach the aims of the project.

The project is expected to be completed by the 27th of April 2018.

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