Norte LED1x8600 D438 T750 L60x120 (Code for ordering: 1020277)

LED, IP54, L60x120 optic, tempered glass, grey steel body
Total wattage, W 80
Lamp holder LED
Power of lamp, W LED
Degree of protection IP IP54
Length, mm 490
Width, mm 365
Height / depth, mm 175
Weight, kg 8
Packing quantity 1
Type Norte LED
Specification Luminaire for high mounting applications for metal halide lamps. High performance, ideal for high mounting applications. Parabolic symmetric reflector in faceted aluminium. Tempered glass cover. Light grey painted steel body. Luminaire is plastic-wrapped and packed individually. Suitable for surface mounting on ceiling. Indoor. For use in factories, warehouses, garages, halls and many others commercial applications.
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Unique technical code D438 T750 L60x120

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