The company UAB "Northcliffe Lighting” the manufacturer of lighting equipment under the trademarks NORTHCLIFFE™ offers a warranty for each of its products.

The manufacturer provides two types of warranty: basic and extended.

The manufacturer's basic warranty applies to any products purchased from the manufacturer or acquired from a distributor (dealer).

The manufacturer's extended warranty applies only to the products purchased from the manufacturer or distributor (dealer), provided that the projects, where these product will be used, are registered at the manufacturer.

1. Warranty limits

The manufacturer's warranty applies to pre-assembled lighting fixtures, housings, reflectors, fasteners, ballasts, additional components for installation and connection to the electricity grid.

The warranty does not cover fluorescent lamps and lamp starters.

2. Warranty validity

The manufacturer's basic warranty is valid for 2 years from the date of purchase, provided that the lighting fixture is subject to further use in accordance with the technical specifications.

The manufacturer's extended warranty is valid for up to 5 years from the date of direct purchase from the manufacturer under the following conditions:

- The lighting project for which products are intended must be registered with the manufacturer in accordance with the established regulations;

- Once the registration is complete, the implementation of the lighting project must be followed up by an authorized representative of the manufacturer.

3. Warranty terms and conditions

The warranties mentioned above are valid provided that the lighting equipment is transported, stored, installed and used in accordance with the requirements in the technical specifications for the finished product, as well as consumer regulations for the technical operation of electrical appliances, transportation rules and other regulatory documents, or the conditions laid down in the contract, its appendices and the documents required for its execution.

The warranty does not apply to naturally wearing components such as lamps, batteries and starters.

4. Warranty obligations and their fulfilment

In the event of technical failure and the subsequent filing of a claim (complaint) on product quality, the manufacturer has the right to arrange an expert evaluation and to provide an objective conclusion on the basis of its results.

After the warranty period, the manufacturer has the right to consider any valid claims (complaints) on product quality and to reach a decision as to the possibility of replacement/compensation according to the expert's conclusions.

5. Reclamation

A claim (complaint) on the quality of a product purchased under a basic warranty that pertains to the supply agreement with the manufacturer, or of a product purchased under an extended warranty is to be presented ​​directly to the manufacturer or its authorized representative.

A claim (complaint) on the quality of a product purchased under the basic warranty from a dealer (distributor) is to be presented directly to the particular seller (dealer, distributor).


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