UAB Northcliffe lighting has accreditation for ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance Standards - a comprehensive evaluation that is concerned not just with quality, but with every aspect of company operations.  It is a key feature of our constant effort to maintain exceptional standards of quality and service.


ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate (.pdf)



CE marking indicates that the products are in conformity with the provisions of the following EC Directive(s) when installed in accordance with the installation instructions contained in the product documentation:
2006/95/EC Low voltage Directive
2004/108/EC Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive

The standards referenced below have been applied:
LST EN 60598-1:2009, LST EN 60598-2-1, LST EN 60598-2-2,  LST EN 60598-2-5, LST EN 60598-2-22, LST EN 1838:2013, LST EN 61347-1:2008, LST EN 61347-2-3:2011,  LST EN 61347-2-7:2012.


Here you can download the certificates of the luminaires in English language by separate groups of the luminaires:


Certificates of Conformity with provisions of GOST standards are issued by the Product Certification Body OOO "Center of standardization and conformity assessment" (Accreditation ROSS RU.0001.11AG17 from 14.07.2011) according to the reports of electrical equipment testing laboratory OOO “AS RESURS”.

The products are in conformity with provisions of the following GOST R standards:
GOST R 598-1-1-2002, GOST R 598-2-8-2002, GOST R 30883-2002, GOST R 60598-2-2-2002, GOST R 60598-2-4-2002, GOSR R 60598-2-18-2002, GOST R 60598-2-19-2002, GOST R 60598-2-23-2002, GOST R 60598-2-24-2002, GOST R 51317.3.2-2006, GOST R 51317.3.3-2008, STB EN 55015-2006, STB IEC 60598-1-2008, STB IEC 60598-2-12-2009.

 GOST_Certificate of Conformity (.zip)

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