NORTHCLIFFE LIGHTING was established in 1993 with the business units in UK, Lithuania, Russia and Ukraine and since then it has become one of the largest independent lighting manufacturers in Central and Eastern Europe. The company has achieved rapid growth over the last 20 years and currently production capacity reaches 3.5 million light fixtures per year.




All our products are made using high quality components from reputable European suppliers, such as Helvar, Alanod, Almeco, Tridonic, AAG Stucchi, Osram etc.






NORTHCLIFFE utilizes the most advanced technologies, some of them are unique and patented, to produce low weight and slim light fixtures for easy installation, as well as for efficient storage and transportation.


Our current product range includes recessed, surface-mounted and suspended modular louvre luminaires, as well as water-proof IP65 light fixtures, battens, downlights, floodlights and many others. NORTHCLIFFE light fixtures can be factory-fitted with emergency packs, dimmable or DALI ballasts, offered with glossy, matt or MIRO reflectors, various types of connectors and plugs to suit specific requirements of any European market.


UAB NORTHCLIFFE LIGHTING has accreditation for ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance Standards- a comprehensive evaluation that is concerned not just with quality, but with every aspect of company operations. It is a key feature of our constant effort to maintain exceptional standards of quality and service. 100% of our products are individually tested before leaving our factories and comply with CE, ROHS standards and requirements.




To make it more convenient for our potential customers to make choice we show the most demanded products, which best represent NORTHCLIFFE strong ability to offer high quality products for very competitive prices. We believe that this web site will help you to find solutions to reach your goals and make NORTHCLIFFE your reliable business partner for the future.


For further and most up-to-date information please visit or send us an email to

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