Why electronic balasts


NORTHCLIFFE lighting fixtures T8 series with electronic technology are now becoming the standard in new construction and renovation applications. The operation of energy saving luminaires with fluorescent lamps is quieter, with no flickering and increased efficiency in lighting output with less energy consumption than traditional luminaires with magnetic ballasts.
Ordinary luminaire that regulates power to fluorescent tubes, operates at 50Hz or cycles per second, resulting in a barely perceptible flicker and a noticeable hum. The flickering light increases stress and the hum is quite annoying for people. Many people are sensitive to ballast flicker and hum and it can cause headaches, burning eyes, tension and general fatigue.
T8 Energy Savings series are now available with high frequency cycling which effectively eliminates all flicker and hum, removing associated health concerns.




The benefits of using BREEZE T8 Energy saving series:

Ordinary luminaire with magnetic ballast BREEZE T8 Energy saving series, with electronic technology
Stable power losses Requires 15–20% less electrical energy, mainly due to the efficiency gain of the lamp, when it is operated at high frequencies and advanced technology.
Quieter operation:
Vibration of electromagnetic field causes humming noise. No audible noise, less distracting
Reduced lamp flicker:
50 Hz frequency causes lighting flicker levels, which could cause burning eyes and headache Flicker-free (46 kHz) light improves the working environment, doesn’t cause people fatigue and headaches
Longer lamp life:
The starters and lamp maintenance costs The longer lamp life due to the optimal starting conditions and the optimal setting of  the electrodes during burning
No end life effect:
System attempts to ignite the lamp until the contact of starter switch stickstogether, then continuously a current cancontinuously lead to overheating of the
lamp ends. Fire danger.
Electronic technology has built-in protection  so that in case of end of life of a lamp, the ballast will then switch off the supply to the lamps to prevent unnecessary stress to the circuit

The higher first investment cost will be covered during 1 year and customer will save 4-5 €  per year* from every luminaire installed every coming year !!!
How many lighting fixtures you are planning to install?

*Annual savings per fixture per year based on 0,12 EUR/kWh, 10 hours/day, 265 working days
Don’t mix lighting fixtures with magnetic and electronic ballasts on the same electrical circuit. The energy spikes from magnetic ballasts may damage electronic ballasts!!!

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